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​SUMMER CAMP Give your athlete a competitive edge by signing him up for one of our summer camps.  Space will be limited to the first 50 campers in June and July.  We currently have 18 registered fore June.  The purpose of this camp is “details”.  Whether your athlete is a first time player or seasoned, our coaches will spend the summer working on the mechanics of each player’s position.  Player’s will be broken up  based upon their age and ability and coaches will spend quality time teaching the details of their position.  Focusing on footwork, agility and quickness, we are sure this camp will prepare your athlete for the upcoming season.  For more information on the camps call Rod Thompson at 713-539-3248






Football   is a very competitive team sport and a great game of strategy that will teach your child teamwork. 
The most common type of football is tackle. Flag football is a version of tackle. Football is a simple game of "field" control.
The goal is to advance the ball down the field for a touchdown. The offense advances the ball and attempts to score and
the defence tries to hold the other team from scoring

For More information on the rules please check the  guidences book

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Flag Football    fun of tackle football without the same risk of injury, The primary difference in flag football is that it is a “no contact” game. Instead of tackling the ball carrier, defensive players try to pull the flags off the ball carrier’s belt. It’s the perfect game for boys or girls ages 4 and up.

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Cheer Registration is Now Open! But Hurry Registration will close July 5, 2014.
 KAAFL is excited to expand our Cheer Program in 2014!
 Registration is $145.00
 Fee Includes : Full Cheer Uniform (Shell, Skirt, Bloomers, Personalized Bow, & Pom Poms) & Participation in Cheer Extravaganza!
  Exciting 2014 Cheer Activities : Cheer Extravaganza, Halftime Rice University Performance, and Summer Cheer Camps
All Games played at 1 location, Cheerleaders/Football players practice at same location so no need to travel if you have multiple children.
For more information contact:   Alicia Crump   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Facebook www.facebook.com/kaafl.cheer
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WHAT IS 7on7 ?


7 on 7 football is a fast paced, pass oriented form of football that was designed to hone the skills of football players in the spring without putting the physical toll on their bodies. The games are played on half of a football field with offenses always moving towards the same end zone. There is no pass rush and the QB must release the ball in a limited amount of time or be penalized. No safety equipment is worn (other than the mandatory mouth guard), so contact is very limited. No tackling is permitted; simply touching the offensive player stops play. For a complete set of rules, please see the official rules. Also see the special rules below that will be used for various age groups.





 1)  Registration for 7 on 7 is now open. 
 2)  Register now and save later.
 3)  3rd Grade - 8th Grade Participants


KAAFL competitive Youth Football continues to see massive growth.  With over over a 1000 participants in Katy All American Fall program, we are extremely excited about our 7 on 7 action for 2015. It's because of you that we continue to grow and because of you KAAFL will continue to offer high quality youth Sports.  With the continuing growth of our Katy Community and our Fall Football program, Katy All American looks to double in size for Spring 7 on 7.  So do not hesitate.  Take advantage of our 7 on 7 Special TODAY.
Coaches keep your teams together, stay active and continue to teach the fundamentals of  Football through our #1  7 on 7 program.

  • After you register for 7 on 7, you will be contacted by the end of February by a coach to inform you of practice times.
  • 2)All games will be played at Tomokins HS on Friday afternoon during the month of April. Games will conclude the second week in May.
  • 3)Again your coach will contact later this month with any additional details associated with the 7 on 7 league.

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