Letter to the Community

To whom it may concern:
Over the past two years, we have watched our registration numbers decline dramatically. We have looked at potential factors such as the negative impact head injuries/concussions is having on the sport, more “Select Leagues” emerging that pulled players from Katy and just the existence of three football leagues in the Katy area as all contributors to this decline. In speaking with Sammy Barcelona, Barcelona Sporting Goods, he stated that the decline in numbers in youth football is just not in Katy and is seeing the same decline with other customers in Cy-Fair, Woodlands, Conroe and Spring.
As most of you know, KAAFL was established to offer Katy residents an alternative to the traditional recreational style of youth football. Our goal has always been to provide an environment where youth football could be played/coached at the highest level. For years, we maintained loyal followers of coaches and families who desired a more competitive experience in youth football. For the past eight years, KAAFL has delivered that at every grade level in the Katy area.
In light of the above, KAAFL cannot continue down this path and continue to provide a high level experience for those who desire a competitive brand of football.   As such, the Executive Board of Katy All American Youth Football League has elected to convert from a league to an “Organization.”  We will operate under the umbrella of Katy All American, but as an Organization, we can better focus on supporting our coaches, player development and the overall football experience.
Team Name – Team Texas
Why Team Texas? We want to stay true to why we are all involved with football in general. For all of us, we agree that youth sports are a starting point. As Team Texas, we hope to create an environment and community that supports those who are serious about football from youth thru high school. All games will be played in the Fort Bend – Katy area.
Team Texas and our team of coaches will support players who desire to football at a highly competitive level.  This will be accomplished through the Fall football Season, 7v7, position training and exposure Camps. As the players grow stronger as athletes and football players, the plan is to transition and support them by through our high school division, Texas Team Elite (www.texasteamelite.com). Texas Team Elite has helped many high schools players connect with college coaches, sports writers and recruiting services during the recruiting process to improve their opportunities for college scholarship!
Hopefully, you can see we are very excited about this change and hope you will continue to support Team Texas as you have supported KAAFL in the past. This change allows us to help players long after youth football is over and ensure their development and progression in the game is a rewarding experience.
Our principles that we had as a league will transfer directly into the organization for quality over quantity. Beyond the organization change, the only major effective change for you will be the team name. The end result will make our organization more competitive, as well as the teams within our Divisions to have a higher ceiling for growth.
If you have any questions or concerns please reach out directly to the Division Chairperson over your son’s age group. The following individuals who will lead our divisions:
Flag Division (5-6) Recie Medlock, 832-302-7734, recie.medlock@gmail.com
Freshman (7-8) Damon Bankston, 832-563-3443, bankston.damon@yahoo.com
Sophomore (9-10) Damon Bankston, 832-563-3443, bankston.damon@yahoo.com
Junior Division (10-11) Recie Medlock, 832-302-7734, recie.medlock@gmail.com
Senior Division (11-12) – Mark Hall, 832-654-5786, coachmarkhall@gmail.com
For more information on Team Texas, contact the Division Chairperson listed above. Each Division will have try-outs between April & May to finalize our teams for the 2017 season. Also, we are planning a parent-player meeting for an open discussion on this new journey that we are on. The meeting is planned for March 23rd  Location and time TBD.
We appreciate all your support!