KAAFL – Week 1 Communication from Katy All American

Welcome to September and our first “full” weekend of games will be this weekend. Last week we had our 4th grade division kick off the season and have some very close and competitive games. We are excited to have all grade levels kick off this week.

One of the exciting things about our partnership with Fraternity of One (FO1), is that each week we take the opportunity to Impress positive factors into your child’s lives. We will be sending out short excerpts about a topic each week. This is a teaching moment that applies not only to Football, but to life in general. We take pride in the opportunity to serve you and the community.



This week’s topic is about Leadership, Please make multiple attempts to positively explain the role of a Leader !

  • What is leadership?
  • What is a leader?
  • Feel free to demonstrate leading on the football field. There are lead blockers, a QB who leads a receiver to a spot with a pass, a FB or pulling OL that leads the LB to a hole to meet a ball carrier
  • Who is a leader on our team? Why are they the leader/captain?
  • What are the characteristics of good leaders? Name some good leaders? Poor leaders?
  • Ask them why are leaders important in football? In the family? In life?
  • Remind the kids of the FO1 Moment before Saturday’s game and that more will be shared about leadership


  • To lead is to go before and provide direction, guidance, assistance
    Provides an example of the right behavior, good choices, good character
    Motivates, encourages, uplifts, corrects, teaches/trains


Leadership Traits

1. Positive

  • Honesty, passion, respect, focus, confidence, character, caring, integrity, compassion, empowering, sacrifices, good communicator

2. Negative

  • lack of communication, belittling, degrading, do not admit mistakes, selfish, dishonest, unforgiving, uncontrolled emotions (lots of yelling), uses threats or shame to influence, plays favorites, disregard for health and well-being, no plan or vision.


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Best Regards,

Katy All American

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